176 Record Release @ Happy Shak in Columbus, NC Saturday, May 23

176 is having a Record Release Party for their 2nd album 'How High?' at the Happy Shak in Columbus, NC on Saturday, May 23. The fun starts at 8pm. You can hear and download the new record just to your left (or on iTunes, Amazon, etc), and get CDs at Skyuka Fine Art in Tryon, or at the show.

176 @ Hiker's Jam in Damascus, VA Saturday, May 16

176 is excited to play at the Hiker's Jam in Damascus, VA on Saturday, May 16. We will be doing an afternoon, somewhat 'restrained' set, and an evening 'full blown' set.

How High? is here!

176 is pleased to present our second album, 'How High?' These ten songs were recorded over the last year, and were mixed and mastered by Rusty Milner. Listen to the whole thing here just to your left via the Bandcamp player (check out our first album 'Enjoy The Ride...' there too!), and if you would like to download an album, we really appreciate your support. It will also be available at iTunes, CDBaby (for actual CDs), Amazon, etc (like ETR) after April 17. In Tryon, CDs can be purchased at Skyuka Fine Art for $10.

176 @ The Harmon Field Music Festival

176 is really looking forward to playing at the 2nd Annual Harmon Field Music Festival on April 25. The festival is from 12-8, and we should be going on around 6:30.

176 @ Larkin's in Columbus, NC Friday, December 6

176 is looking forward to returning to Larkin's Carolina Grill in Columbus, NC on Friday, December 19, at 7:30pm. Since we'll be indoors, Robbie will be playing his cajone instead of the full drum kit.

176 (with special guests) @ Tryon Beer Fest Saturday, November 8

176 is excited to play at the Tryon Beer Fest on Saturday, November 8 at 4 PM. We will have many guest musician friends sitting in with us to complete the celebration! Info and map here

176 @ Tryon International Equestrian Center Sunday, October 19

176 is excited to be playing at the Tryon International Equestrian Center from 12 to 5 on Sunday, October 19! Parking and admission are free so come on out and enjoy yourself! Info and directions here

176 @ Gathering Garage on Sunday, October 19

176 is excited to play at Columbus' Gathering Garage on Sunday, October 19 from 6-9. Come on by after the Grand Prix at the Equestrian Center! Info and directions here.

176 @ Larkins in Columbus, NC Saturday, October 11

176 is looking forward to returning to Larkins Carolina Grill in Columbus, NC on Saturday, October 11, at 7:30pm.

176 and The Antibodies @ Tryon's Rogers Park Amphitheatre Saturday, August 30

176 and The Antibodies will be at Tryon's Rogers Park on Saturday, August 30 at 7pm!